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Table 2 SIN3 interacts with a variety of binding partners to perform its biological function

From: Same agent, different messages: insight into transcriptional regulation by SIN3 isoforms

Associated SIN3 isoform Interacting protein Function Ref
MAD-MAX Transcription factors involved in cell proliferation and differentiation [9, 37]
IKAROS Transcription factor involved in lymphocyte development [70]
FOXK1 Transcription factor involved in regulation of myogenic progenitors [71]
SIN3A NANOG Transcription factor involved in maintaining pluripotency of ES cells [45, 72]
SIN3A FAM60A Transcriptional regulator involved in TGF-β signaling [28, 46]
SIN3A MeCP2 Methyl-CpG binding protein [51]
SIN3A OGT O-GlcNac transferase [73]
SIN3A TET1 Tet methylcytosine dioxygenase (involved in DNA demethylation) [19]
SIN3A BBX Transcription factor important for cell cycle progression [74]
SIN3A SMRT Hormone-sensitive transcriptional corepressor [56]
SIN3A BRG1, hBRM ATPases involved in chromatin remodeling [57]
SIN3B EMSY Transcriptional corepressor, BRCA2 binding protein [75]
SIN3B Nav1.2, Nav1.6 Voltage-gated sodium channels in neurons [76]
  1. Representative examples from the SIN3 interactome that contribute to the functional flexibility of SIN3