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Fig. 5

From: Deletion of HP1γ in cardiac myocytes affects H4K20me3 levels but does not impact cardiac growth

Fig. 5

Global gene expression profile in HP1γ KO CMs. a Global gene expression changes. Total RNA was isolated from purified CMs at 8-week and RNA-seq was performed. Three biological replicates of HP1γ KO CM was compared to three controls (WT, Cre and fl/fl one of each). Each dot represents averaged expression (log2 FPKM) on X-axis and fold change (FC) on Y-axis (log2 FC) of RefSeq genes. Orange dots represent differentially expressed genes in HP1γ KO CM compared to control CM (> twofold change with FDR < 0.05). b Heat map of differentially expressed genes in HP1γ KO CM. Heat map was created by clustering of differentially expressed gene (FC > 2 and FDR < 0.05). Warmer color and colder color indicate up regulation and down regulation, respectively, in HP1γ KO. c Representative differentially expressed genes confirmed by qRT-PCR. *p < 0.05

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