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Fig. 2

From: Deletion of HP1γ in cardiac myocytes affects H4K20me3 levels but does not impact cardiac growth

Fig. 2

Generation of a cardiac-specific HP1γ KO mouse. a Scheme of conditional HP1γ KO strategy. b Confirmation of critical exons deletion. Total RNA was extracted from purified 8-week ACMs and RT-PCR was performed. Longer amplicon indicates normal mRNA and shorter amplicon indicates KO mRNA. Molecular weight maker shows 100 bp ladder. c Confirmation of HP1γ protein loss. Western blotting was performed on nuclear extracts from purified CMs. d Specificity of HP1γ KO in heart tissue. Heart tissues were staining using HP1γ specific antibody (Red). Hoechst staining is in blue, WGA staining is in green and cardiac TnI staining is in magenta. Yellow arrowheads indicate CM nuclear. Scale bar indicates 25 μm

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