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Table 2 PTMprint classification for all possible acetylations per core histone

From: Modulation of nucleosomal DNA accessibility via charge-altering post-translational modifications in histone core

Classification/histone H2A H2B H3 H4
Change DNA accessibility in entry/exit K118, K119, K127, K129 K125* K36, K64 K31
Change DNA accessibility globally K13, K15, K36 K23, K24, K27, K28, K31, K34, K43, K85   K79, K91, H4K77*
Change DNA accessibility in both regions K74, K75, K125 K46, K57 K27, K37, K56 K44
Weak effect on DNA accessibility K95 K108, K116, K120 K79, K115, K122 K5, K12, K16, K20, K59
  1. PTMs predicted to have non-weak stabilizing effect on the nucleosome, and thus a decrease in the DNA accessibility, are marked by asterisk