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Table 1 AP–MS data for Snf5-FZZ and Saf5-FZZ uncover predicted and novel members of a Tetrahymena SWI/SNF complex

From: The bromodomain-containing protein Ibd1 links multiple chromatin-related protein complexes to highly expressed genes in Tetrahymena thermophila

TTHERM Gene name Spectral count sum Snf5 (BAIT) Spectral count sum Saf5 (BAIT) SWI/SNF yeast ortholog SWI/SNF human ortholog Notes
TTHERM_00584840 SWI3 308 835 Swi3 BAF170/SMARCC2
TTHERM_01245640 BRG1 264 384 Snf2 BRM/SMARCA2 SNF2 catalytic subunit
TTHERM_00243900 SWI1 140 171 Swi1 BAF250A/ARID1A
TTHERM_00304150 SNF5 133 72 Snf5 BAF47/SMARCB1
TTHERM_00925560 SNF12 94 137 Snf12 SMARCD2
TTHERM_00092790 SAF1 85 78 Transmembrane protein, putative
TTHERM_00346460 SAF2 136 97 Hypothetical protein—13% glutamine
TTHERM_00129650 SAF3 79 40 Hypothetical protein—26% glutamine
TTHERM_00637690 SAF4 32 84 Hypothetical protein—31% glutamine
TTHERM_00241840 SAF5 64 56 BAF45a PHD finger-containing protein
TTHERM_00729230 IBD1 48 107 Bromodomain-containing protein
TTHERM_00006320 Tetrin A 33
  1. Curated SAINTexpress data from 2 biological replicates of SNF5-FZZ and SAF5-FZZ AP–MS samples. Genes in italics were previously predicted to be SWI/SNF components [15]. Saf (SWI/SNF-associated factor), Ibd (Interactive Bromodomain Protein). The members of the SWI/SNF complex are the first 11 rows