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Fig. 7

From: Genome-wide analysis reveals a role for TDG in estrogen receptor-mediated enhancer RNA transcription and 3-dimensional reorganization

Fig. 7

Cytosines in TFF1 and GREB1 enhancers are epigenetically unmodified. a Comparing TDG binding at sites regulated by E2 reveals that TDG binds to hypomethylated locations. b Heatmap comparing methylation signal at sites of TDG binding globally reveals that TDG binds to hypomethylated sites. c MCF7 DNase signal intensity, revealing that, globally, TDG binding occurs preferentially at sites which are hypomethylated and “open.” d Bisulfite sequencing and MAB-Seq at TFF1 after cells were treated with scrambled siRNA (siControl) or siRNA targeting TDG (siTDG) and then with or without E2 treatment. TFF1 enhancer is devoid of any methylation or active demethylation metabolites and remains so in response to E2 or TDG depletion

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