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Fig. 6

From: Genome-wide analysis reveals a role for TDG in estrogen receptor-mediated enhancer RNA transcription and 3-dimensional reorganization

Fig. 6

TDG peaks overlap with sites involved in promoter-enhancer looping. TDG binding was compared to public datasets containing E2-dependent ERα localization and ChIA-PET performed using an antibody against ERα. a Heatmap showing ChIA-PET signal at sites of TDG binding (left) and aggregate plot showing global average (right). b Overlap of TDG, ER and ChIA-PET signal at specific sites reveals TDG, ER and looping occur at precisely the same locations at these sites. c Schematic of GREB1 showing approximate locations of looping as identified by publically available data. d ChIP using ER in the presence and absence of TDG as well as − or + E2, showing that ER binding is unaltered during depletion of TDG. e Loss of TDG prevents enhancer–promoter looping at the GREB1 locus. MCF7 cells were treated with siControl or siTDG, and then treated with 100 nM E2 for 1 h. 3C, semiquantitative method of measuring the looping between the GREB1 enhancer and promoter, revealed that E2-driven looping of the enhancer and promoter is disrupted upon TDG knockdown

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