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Fig. 4

From: Genome-wide analysis reveals a role for TDG in estrogen receptor-mediated enhancer RNA transcription and 3-dimensional reorganization

Fig. 4

TDG is required for E2-dependent gene expression. TDG peaks were mapped to genes using GREAT software and cross-referenced with publicly available MCF7 E2-dependant expression data. a Most genes associated with TDG binding undergo upregulation in response to E2 and b the fold change experienced by upregulated genes in response to E2 is greater in magnitude than the fold change experienced by downregulated genes (box-and-whisker plot). c Western blot of TDG and ER levels after treatment with scrambled siRNA (siControl) or siRNA targeting TDG (siTDG) (left panels). d To determine whether TDG was important for transcriptional upregulation of these genes, siControl or siRNA targeting TDG was treated with 100 nM E2 for 1 h. Analysis of mRNA levels using qPCR revealed that loss of TDG decreases, and in some cases completely abrogate, E2-mediated transcription (n = 3, p value < 0.05). e Comparison of E2-mediated TDG binding at genes which also experience the greatest increase in E2-mediated transcription (Spearman coefficient shown)

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