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Table 4 Hypermethylated annotations in slow-cleavage embryos

From: Genome-wide screening of DNA methylation in bovine blastocysts with different kinetics of development

Term Number of genes hypermethylated P value
Biological process
Phosphorus metabolic process 55 2.66E−02
RNA processing 27 2.10E−02
Regulation of small GTPase-mediated signal transduction 24 2.89E−04
Generation of precursor metabolites and energy 20 8.53E−02*
Regulation of Ras protein signal transduction 18 2.82E−03
Chordate embryonic development 17 5.94E−02*
Cellular component morphogenesis 15 3.13E−02
Secretion 14 4.17E−02
Cellular proliferation 13 5.25E−02
Blastocyst development 8 5.14E−03
Cellular component
Plasma membrane 88 1.57E−02
Mitochondrion 58 1.74E−02
Endoplasmatic reticulum 34 9.59E−02*
Golgi apparatus 14 4.16 E−02
Spliceosome 10 2.77 E−02
Molecular function
Nucleotide biding 135 9.46E−04
ATP biding 84 1.53E−02
Protein kinase activity 44 2.11E−03
GTPase regulator activity 30 8.52E−05
FAD biding 9 1.79E−02
  1. * Represent tendency (P value > 0.05 and ≤ 0.1)