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Fig. 2

From: Uncoordinated expression of DNA methylation-related enzymes in human cancer

Fig. 2

Significant positive correlations among DNA methylation-related enzymes in 26 normal human tissues. a Box plots (box and whiskers, 10–90%) illustrating the distribution of the correlation values among the expression levels of 21 DNA methylation-related enzyme pairs in 26 normal human tissues (one ball refers to on tissue). The detailed Pearson correlation coefficients values and their corresponding p values are shown in Additional file 4: Table S2. b The correlations between TET2 and TDG expression levels in 5 normal human tissues are shown. For each tissue type, the normalized mRNA levels of TET2 (y-axis) versus the normalized mRNA levels of TDG (x-axis) are shown (one ball refers to one sample). The Pearson correlation coefficient and p value are also shown

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