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Table 1 Target transcription factors selected for DNA demethylated transcription factor screening

From: A screening system to identify transcription factors that induce binding site-directed DNA demethylation

Gene symbol Accession Cell type Reference
RUNX3 NM_001031680.2 Lymphoid cells Nat Immunol. 2015 Nov;16(11):1124–33
NANOG NM_024865.2 Embryonic stem cells Cell. 2003 May 30;113(5):631–42
HNF1A NM_000545.5 Hepatocytes Nature. 1992 Jan 30;355(6359):457–61
PAX4 NM_006193.2 Insulin-producing beta cells Nature. 1997 Mar 27;386(6623):399–402
GATA2 NM_001145661.1 Hematopoietic cells Nature. 1994 Sep 15;371(6494):221–6
NKX2-5 NM_004387.2 Cardiomyocytes Genes Dev. 1995 Jul 1;9(13):1654–66
SOX2 NM_003106.2 Embryonic stem cells/neural stem cells Genes Dev. 2003 Jan 1;17(1):126–40, Mol Cell Biol. 2004 May;24(10):4207–20
CEBPB NM_005194 Uminal cells in the mammary gland Stem Cells. 2010 Mar 31;28(3):535–44
MAFB NM_005461.3 Myelomonocyte cells Cell. 1996 Apr 5;85(1):49–60
NR4A2 NM_173173.1 T cells Nat Commun. 2011; 2:269
POU5F1 NM_002701.4 Embryonic stem cells Cell. 1998 Oct 30;95(3):379–91
MYOD1 NM_002478.4 Myogenic cells Cell. 1988 Jun 3;53(5):781–93
CEBPA NM_004364.3 Myeloid cells/adipocytes Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1997 Jan 21;94(2):569–74, Genes Dev. 1994 Jul 15;8(14):1654–63
HNF4A NM_178850.1 Hepatocytes Nature. 1992 Jan 30;355(6359):457–61
TBX5 NM_181486.1 Cardiomyocytes Nat Genet. 2001 Jul;28(3):276–80