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Fig. 4

From: A screening system to identify transcription factors that induce binding site-directed DNA demethylation

Fig. 4

Original DNA methylation level of TF-mediated DNA demethylation targets. Violin plots showing kernel density distribution plot of original M-values for TF-mediated DNA demethylation targets. M-value distribution of all probes, of demethylated probes by DNA-demethylating TFs, and of demethylated probes by non-DNA-demethylating TFs is shown as magenta, cyan, and green, respectively. Interquartile ranges are shown as boxes in the overlaid boxplots (gray), and medians are shown as horizontal bars. Maximums and minimums are the upper and lower ends of the black line. Outliers (> Q3 + interquartile range × 1.5) are shown as gray dots

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