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Fig. 2

From: A screening system to identify transcription factors that induce binding site-directed DNA demethylation

Fig. 2

Identification of DNA-demethylating TFs. a Number of differentially methylated CpGs by TF overexpression. X- and Y-axes show overexpressed TFs and number of differentially methylated CpGs, respectively. Purple and green bars represent demethylated CpGs and methylated CpGs, respectively. b Distribution of enrichment score for TFBMs within ± 5000 bp of demethylated CpG probes in TF-overexpressing 293T cells. X- and Y-axes show distance from probe CpG position and enrichment score, respectively. Horizontal lines are enrichment score = 0. c Boxplot showing ratio of number of methylated and demethylated CpGs for DNA-demethylating TFs (demethyl TFs) and non-DNA-demethylating TFs (non-demethyl TFs). Medians are indicated by central black horizontal lines, upper quartiles are indicated by upper edges of the box, and lower quartiles are indicated by lower edges of the box. Maximum and minimum values are marked as lines extending from the boxes. The p value is shown above the plots (Wilcoxon rank sum test)

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