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Fig. 3

From: Co-regulation of transcription by BRG1 and BRM, two mutually exclusive SWI/SNF ATPase subunits

Fig. 3

BRG1 and BRM occupy common genomic regions. a Overlap between BRG1 and BRM ChIP-seq peaks. b Example of BRG1 and BRM occupancy. c Scatterplot of BRG1 and BRM signal at union set of BRG1 and BRM peaks. c Venn diagram depicting overlap between BRG1 and BRM sites. d ChromHMM features associated with BRG1 and BRM peaks. e BRG1 and BRM ChIP-seq signal centered on TSS stratified by expression level of gene into low, medium and high expression. f Co-immunoprecipitation of BRG1 and BRM followed by Western blot of SWI/SNF subunits. Asterisks denote IgG heavy chain. g Glycerol ultracentrifugation of SWI/SNF subunits

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