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Fig. 7

From: Subtracting the sequence bias from partially digested MNase-seq data reveals a general contribution of TFIIS to nucleosome positioning

Fig. 7

Nucleosomes dominated by increased fuzziness in dst1∆ segregate from those dominated by decreased occupancy. ad Heat maps of the difference in fuzziness versus occupancy between the mutant dst1∆ and the wild type for the gene body nucleosomes of all the genes (a), the canonical TATA (b) and RP genes (c), and for the promoter nucleosomes of all the genes (d). e, f Metagene analysis of the occupancy in all the genes and the 335 most transcribed genes according to the data in [5], divided into the TATA-like (e) and TATA-containing (f) genes. Promoter nucleosomes were defined as those between the TSS and 500 bp upstream. Gene body nucleosomes were those between the TSS and the STOP codon

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