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Fig. 2

From: CENP-B protects centromere chromatin integrity by facilitating histone deposition via the H3.3-specific chaperone Daxx

Fig. 2

SUMO interaction domains (SIMs) of Daxx are required for CENP-B interaction and centromeres targeting. a Daxx SIMs are required for interaction with CENP-B. Western blot analysis of FLAG IP from HEp2 cells expressing FLAG-HA-Daxx and FLAG-HA-DaxxΔSIM probed with anti-CENP-B ab’s. CENP-B co-IP with DaxxWT, but not with DaxxΔSIM. pOZ: negative control. b Daxx SIMs are required for Daxx accumulation at centromeres. Representative images of HEp2 cells expressing FLAG-HA-DaxxWT (top) and FLAG-HA-DaxxΔSIM (bottom) are shown. In untreated cells (left), DaxxWT (anti-HA, green) co-localizes with PML (blue) and some centromeres (CREST, red); the latter association is increased after MG132 treatment (right). DaxxΔSIM is not associated with either ND10/PML bodies or centromeres in untreated as well as MG132 treated cells

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