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Table 1 Candida albicans strains used in this study

From: NuA4 histone acetyltransferase activity is required for H4 acetylation on a dosage-compensated monosomic chromosome that confers resistance to fungal toxins

Strain Genotype Source
BWP17 ura3-∆::imm434/ura3-∆::imm434, arg4-∆::hisG/arg-∆::hisG, his1-∆::hisG/his1-∆::hisG Tag-Module collection
Esa1 Same as BWP17, but esa1-∆/ESA1 Same as above
DAY286 Same as BWP17, but ura3-∆::imm434/ura3-∆::imm434, ARG4::URA3::arg4-∆::hisG/arg-∆::hisG, his1-∆::hisG/his1-∆::hisG FGSCa
DAY286-1 Same as DAY286, but Ch5 monosomy This study
Nbn1 Same as DAY286, but nbn1-∆/nbn1-∆ FGSC
Nbn1-1 Same as Nbn1, but Ch5 monosomy This study
Nbn1-2 Same as Nbn1, but Ch5 monosomy This study
Nbn1-3 Same as Nbn1, but Ch5 monosomy This study
Eaf3 Same as DAY286, but eaf3-∆/eaf3-∆ FGSC
Eaf3-1 Same as Eaf3, but Ch5 monosomy This study
3153A Laboratory strain, normal diploid [8, 27]
a.k.a. Sor55 Same as 3153A, but Ch5 monosomy, MTLα, and Ch4/7b trisomyb [8, 27]
  1. aFungal Genomic Strains Center
  2. bBoth Sor125(55) and its parental strain, 3153A, harbor two hybrid chromosomes resulting from a reciprocal exchange between a Ch4 and a Ch7 of the reference strain SC5314 [8], which we term Ch4/7a and Ch4/7b. In Sor125(55), Ch4/7b is duplicated; therefore, genes on this hybrid chromosome, together with the corresponding portions of the intact Ch4 and Ch7, have a copy number of three [8]