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Fig. 2

From: Vitamin C induces specific demethylation of H3K9me2 in mouse embryonic stem cells via Kdm3a/b

Fig. 2

H3K9me2 is reduced globally across the genome including at gene promoters in ES cells treated with vitamin C. a ChIP-seq for H3K9me2 in ES cells treated with and without vitamin C was used to identify genomic regions enriched for H3K9me2. Venn diagram shows overlap of regions enriched for H3K9me2 with and without vitamin C treatment. b H3K9me2 signal genome-wide was plotted comparing untreated and vitamin C-treated cells. The H3K9me2 signal is reduced globally with vitamin C treatment despite an overall high correlation between the samples (Pearson correlation of ~0.98). c Sorted fold change for average H3K9me2 signal at gene promoters (TSS ± 2 kb). Most gene promoters display a reduction in H3K9me2 in vitamin C-treated ES cells. d ChIP-qPCR for H3K9me2 in ES cells ± vitamin C at gene promoters. ChIP for IgG was performed as a negative control. The Gapdh promoter is a negative control region devoid of H3K9me2. Data are mean ± SD. Asterisks represent P < 0.05 by t test

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