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Fig. 3

From: Activation of the alpha-globin gene expression correlates with dramatic upregulation of nearby non-globin genes and changes in local and large-scale chromatin spatial structure

Fig. 3

The studied genomic region is partitioned into TADs largely conserved between lymphoid and erythroid cells. The heatmaps show 5C data normalized by the total number of sequencing reads in the 5C dataset, binned at a 30 Kb resolution, iteratively corrected and smoothed. Histograms of the 5C counts are shown to the right of the heatmaps. Gray rectangles below the heatmaps show TADs that were annotated using the Lavaburst package. TADs T1 and T2 (recognized as fused into one domain T3 in erythroid cells) harbor the alpha-globin gene domain and flanking regions. The graphs demonstrating CTCF binding in the three cell types are based on previously published ChIP-seq data [39]. The direction of forward- and reverse-oriented CTCF binding motifs within the ChIP-seq peaks is shown below the ChIP-seq peaks using red and blue tailless arrows, respectively

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