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Fig. 3 | Epigenetics & Chromatin

Fig. 3

From: Drosophila CP190- and dCTCF-mediated enhancer blocking is augmented by SUMOylation

Fig. 3

dSUMO co-localizes with insulator-binding proteins and increases CP190 binding in S2 cells. a Binary heat map of dSUMO-bound sites (5671 dSUMO peaks), classified for their overlap with CP190, PC, Su(Hw), dCTCF, Pita, BEAF-32 and IfB1 binding [18, 41, 42]. Binding is indicated by black bars. The binding sites were sorted for frequency of the binding patterns. b The bar plot shows the fraction of all binding sites of the indicated factor shared with dSUMO (black). The fraction of binding sites not overlapping with dSUMO is shown in light gray. c Genome browser snap shots of example sites (EcR and Tou) for increased CP190 binding after FLAG-dSUMO expression. CP190 binding (brown); dCTCF binding (green); FLAG-dSUMO binding (yellow); CP190 referent peaks (red squares, [42]); dCTCF referent peaks (green squares, [42]); dSUMO referent peaks (yellow squares, [41]); genes (black); before (control) and after induction (induced) of FLAG-dSUMO expression (pale and dark colors). d Genome-wide correlation of log2 fold change in CP190 binding with FLAG-dSUMO binding after induction (left); Genome-wide significant (p = 8 × 10−4) log2 fold binding changes of CP190 with and without FLAG-dSUMO binding (right, box blot). e Genome-wide analyses of dCTCF binding before and after FLAG-dSUMO expression, analyzed as in (d) with a nonsignificant difference (p = 0.64)

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