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Fig. 1 | Epigenetics & Chromatin

Fig. 1

From: Drosophila CP190- and dCTCF-mediated enhancer blocking is augmented by SUMOylation

Fig. 1

SUMOylation increases enhancer blocking. a A functional siRNA screen identified many factors involved in chromatin function [22]. The diagram was generated by the online go term tool GeneCoDis3 listing all factors changing enhancer blocking with a significant p value (<0.05). A sub-group of factors (table, color code as in a) has a function in SUMOylation. b Schematic illustration of constructs used to validate SUMO-dependent enhancer blocking. Constructs with insulator (dark colors) and control constructs without insulator (pale colors) contain the Fab8 insulator for blocking cis-regulatory sequences at the integration site (red), an enhancer (green), the respective insulator (red) at the enhancer blocking position (Fab8, cg31472, bicoid, Fab6) and the luciferase gene (yellow). c Relative luciferase activity after knockdown of SUMOylation factors (red) in S2-cells with stably integrated reporter (dark colors as in b) or control constructs (pale colors as in b). GFP knockdown (blue) was used for normalization

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