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Table 4 Summary of differentially methylated (FDR cutoff: 0.05) genes in hatchlings that are putatively involved in reptilian gonadogenesis

From: MeDIP-seq and nCpG analyses illuminate sexually dimorphic methylation of gonadal development genes with high historic methylation in turtle hatchlings with temperature-dependent sex determination

Gene Sex of hatchlings showing hypermethylation Hypermethylated region Sex of stage 22 embryos showing upregulation
Amh Female P, I Male
Ar Female P, D Male
Gata4 Female P, I (3) Male
Lhx9 Female P Male
Sf1 Female I Male
Lhx1 Female P, I (2)
Emx2 Male E
Insr Male I
Wnt4 Male I
Apc Male I
Igf1r Male P
Tcf21 Male D
Six1 Female D
  1. Amh, Ar, Gata4, Lhx9, Sf1 are genes upregulated at the male-producing temperature (26 °C) during stage 22 of embryonic development [42] and hypermethylated at 31 °C. All other cells denote differentially methylated genes that are not upregulated in the opposite sex
  2. P promoter, I intron, E exon, D downstream of last exon; () indicates the number of methylated windows if >1