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TableĀ 3 Summary of exemplar studies exploring the diversity of nCpG distributions in vertebrate genomes.

From: MeDIP-seq and nCpG analyses illuminate sexually dimorphic methylation of gonadal development genes with high historic methylation in turtle hatchlings with temperature-dependent sex determination

Group Species Region profiled nCpG distribution Source
Mammals Homo sapiens Promoters Bimodal 1, 2, 3
Introns Unimodal 2
Pan troglodytes Promoters Bimodal 3
Gorilla gorilla Promoters Bimodal 3
Pongo abelii Promoters Bimodal 3
Macaca mulatta Promoters Bimodal 3
Monodelphis domestica Promoters Bimodal 3
Mus musculus Promoters Bimodal 3
Ornithorhynchus anatinus Promoters Unimodal 3
Birds Gallus gallus Promoters Bimodal 2, 3
Introns Unimodal 2
Reptiles Chrysemys picta Promoters Bimodal This study
Introns Bimodal This study
Exons Bimodal This study
Intergenic Bimodal This study
Amphibians Xenopus tropicalis Promoters Bimodal 2
Introns Unimodal 2
Fish Danio rerio Promoters Bimodal 2
Introns Unimodal 2
Tunicates Ciona intestinalis Promoters Unimodal 2
Introns Bimodal 2