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Fig. 1

From: DNA methylation and DNA methyltransferases

Fig. 1

Distribution of DNA methylation across sequence compartments in the human genome. Vertical axis indicates percentage of total CpG dinucleotides in each indicated compartment; horizontal axis indicates percentage of total genome in each compartment; light blue at the top of each compartment indicates unmethylated fraction. Numerals in red denote CpG dinucleotides per 100 bp. The genome-wide CpG density expected on the basis of G + C content is 4.2 per 100 bp. Note that the only sequence compartment that exists in the largely unmethylated state is the CpG island/first exon compartment; this compartment occupies <0.5% of the genome. The ICR/DMR compartment (differentially methylated regions of imprinting control regions) represents ~0.001% of the genome and ~0.01% of total CpG dinucleotides. Introns are included in the unannotated compartment, as are putative enhancers. The methylation data are from Bisulfite-Seq data for hippocampus (Roadmap Epigenome Project sample E071 [5]), but other differentiated adult tissues show very similar trends

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