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Table 3 Characteristics of four biologically and statistically significant DNA methylation sites between Nicoyans and non-Nicoyans

From: Differential DNA methylation and lymphocyte proportions in a Costa Rican high longevity region

Probe ID Pyrosequencing 450k array Chr Distance to closest TSS (bp) Genomic region: gene Gene ontology
Δβ p value Δβ p value q value
cg02853387 0.06 7.9E−05 0.07 1.3E−07 0.012 11 183072 Intragenic: intron 3 of DSCAML1 Protein homodimerization activity
cg02438481 0.08 1.9E−05 0.08 1.6E−07 0.012 6 −1861 Intergenic: C6orf123
cg13979274 0.06 9.1E−07 0.06 2.0E−07 0.012 19 4347 Intergenic: ~ 3 kb from 3′ end of OR10H1 G-protein coupled receptor/olfactory receptor activity
cg26107275 −0.07 2.2E−07 0.012 12 −407 Promoter: BC04264
  1. Δβ: (Delta beta; absolute mean difference of β values between groups (Nicoyans–non-Nicoyans)
  2. TSS Transcription start site, Chr chromosome