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Table 1 Cohort characteristics (means and percents), Nicoyans and non-Nicoyans

From: Differential DNA methylation and lymphocyte proportions in a Costa Rican high longevity region

Characteristics Nicoya (n = 48) Non-Nicoya (n = 47)
Age (mean in years) 83 (14) 85 (16)
Female (%) 57 55
Low education (%) 80 68
Low wealth (%) 35 21
Currently smoke (%) 4 6
Systolic blood pressure (mean mmHg) 139 (23) 140 (25)
Diastolic blood pressure (mean mmHg) 78 (12) 78 (13)
Body mass index (mean) 24 (7.1) 25 (5.8)
  1. Standard deviations are shown in parenthesis. Low education is not completing primary school. The wealth index was based on a simple count of ten goods and conveniences in the household, ranging from running water and a toilet to having a cloth washer and a car. Low wealth is having six or fewer of these items. Systolic and diastolic blood pressure and body mass index were measured at the time of interview. Currently smoking was assessed through questionnaire. Further details on survey measures are available elsewhere [45]