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Fig. 10 | Epigenetics & Chromatin

Fig. 10

From: Silencing markers are retained on pericentric heterochromatin during murine primordial germ cell development

Fig. 10

Atrx is more highly expressed in E11.5 PGCs compared to the soma, and low major satellite transcription is detected in both cell fractions. a Normalized expression values derived from qRT-PCR of E11.5 sorted OCT4-GFP-positive (E11.5 PGCs) and negative (E11.5 Soma) cells, show that expression of Atrx and Oct4 is higher in PGCs compared to the soma, heart tissue, or NIH-3T3 cells. b Ct values obtained after qRT-PCR [Ct values of + or − RT reactions are shown, whereby no Ct value was obtained for the –RT performed with the Actin (Actb) primers] of major satellites (MS) and Actb in OCT4-GFP-positive (E11.5 PGCs) and negative (E11.5 Soma) cells, heart tissue, and NIH-3T3 cells. The difference between + and − RT reaction is a bit smaller for the E11.5 fractions compared to heart and NIH3T3 cells. Error bars represent standard deviations of two experiments

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