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Fig. 7

From: PRC2 is required for extensive reorganization of H3K27me3 during epigenetic reprogramming in mouse fetal germ cells

Fig. 7

H3K27me3 is significantly enriched near the nuclear lamina in fetal germ cells undergoing epigenetic reprogramming. Radial histogram quantification of H3K27me3 localization of dSTORM super-resolution immunofluorescent images in wild-type male and female germ cells E10.5 (blue), E11.5 (green), E12.5 (pink) and E15.5 (yellow). Left image of each colored panel (×160) represents merged channels, green marking germ cells (eGFP), and H3K27me3 (red). 10 μm scale bars. Right-hand image of each panel shows dSTORM super-resolution images of germ cells (H3K27me3 in grayscale). 1 μm scale bars. Data represent 3–8 super-resolved images from three biological replicates. The Y-axis shows relative H3K27me3 intensity, and the X-axis shows radial distance from nucleus center (μm). Error bars ± SEM

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