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Fig. 4 | Epigenetics & Chromatin

Fig. 4

From: PRC2 is required for extensive reorganization of H3K27me3 during epigenetic reprogramming in mouse fetal germ cells

Fig. 4

SUZ12 is enriched in the nucleus of E10.5–E13.5 male and female germ cells. Confocal images of SUZ12 immunofluorescence in sections of XX and XY E10.5–E11.5 bipotential gonad and E12.5–E15.5 developing ovaries and testes. Left panels are merged images: eGFP marking germ cells in green, SUZ12 (red) and DAPI (DNA; blue). Right panels are single-channel grayscale images showing SUZ12 staining. White arrowheads indicate Oct4-eGFP-expressing germ cells. Representative images chosen from 3 to 4 biological replicates for each time point. 10 μm scale bars

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