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Fig. 1 | Epigenetics & Chromatin

Fig. 1

From: PRC2 is required for extensive reorganization of H3K27me3 during epigenetic reprogramming in mouse fetal germ cells

Fig. 1

H3K27me3 is highly enriched in E11.5–E15.5 XX and XY germ cells. A Relative H3K27me3 antibody fluorescence intensities were measured using flow cytometry of dissociated and stained male (XY) and female (XX) fetal gonads at E11.5, E13.5 and E15.5. Germ cells were separated from somatic cells based on Oct4-eGFP expression (shown in B) and average ± SEM H3K27me3 levels measured in each population (n = 4). B Flow cytometric scatter plots showing gating of Oct4-eGFP positive germ cells and Oct4-eGFP negative somatic cells in XY (i) and XX (ii) E11.5 fetal gonads. Distribution of H3K27me3 intensities is shown for the germ cell (middle plots) and somatic cell populations (right-hand plots)

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