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Table 3 Manually curated list of human histones

From: MS_HistoneDB, a manually curated resource for proteomic analysis of human and mouse histones

Histone Protein name Entry name for MS analysis Gene name UniProtKB Accession References
H1 H1.1 H1.1 Hist1h1a Q02539 [41, 106, 107]
H1.2 H1.2 Hist1h1c P16403 [41, 106, 107]
H1.3 H1.3 Hist1h1d P16402 [41, 106, 107]
H1.4 H1.4 Hist1h1e P10412 [41]
H1.5 H1.5 Hist1h1b P16401 [41, 108]
H1.0 (H1°) H1.0 (H1°) H1f0 P07305 [109]
TS H1.6 (H1t) TS H1.6 (H1t) Hist1h1t P22492 [41]
TS H1.7 (H1T2, HANP1) TS H1.7 (H1T2, HANP1) H1fnt Q75WM6 [110]
OO H1.8 (H1oo) OO H1.8.s1 (H1oo) H1foo Q8IZA3-1 [111, 112]
OO H1.8.s2 (putative spliced isoform) H1foo Q8IZA3-2 *
TS H1.9 (Hils) TS H1.9 (Hils) Hils1 P60008 [57]
H1.10 H1.10 H1fx Q92522 [113]
H2A Canonical H2A Canonical H2A genes: Hist1h2ag, Hist1h2ai, Hist1h2ak, Hist1h2al, Hist1h2am Hist1h2ag P0C0S8 [41]
Hist1h2ai P0C0S8 [41]
Hist1h2ak P0C0S8 [41]
Hist1h2al P0C0S8 [41]
Hist1h2am P0C0S8 [41]
Canonical H2A gene: Hist1h2ac Hist1h2ac Q93077 [41]
Canonical H2A gene: Hist1h2ad Hist1h2ad P20671 [41]
Canonical H2A gene: Hist1h2ae Hist1h2ae P04908 [41]
Canonical H2A gene: Hist1h2ah Hist1h2ah Q96KK5 [41]
Canonical H2A gene: Hist1h2aj Hist1h2aj Q99878 [41]
Canonical H2A gene:Hist2h2aa4 Hist1h2aa4 Q6FI13 [41]
Canonical H2A gene: Hist2h2ab Hist2h2ab Q8IUE6 [41]
Canonical H2A gene: Hist2h2ac Hist2h2ac Q16777 [41]
Canonical H2A gene: Hist3h2a Hist3h2a Q7L7L0 [41]
Canonical H2A (pseudogene) Hist1h2Aps4 Q92646 ***
H2A.J (putative variant) H2A.J.s1 H2afj Q9BTM1-1 **
H2A.J.s2 (putative spliced isoform) H2afj Q9BTM1-2 **
H2A.J.s3 (putative spliced isoform) H2afj H0YFX9 Short**
H2A.X H2A.X H2afx P16104 [61, 114]
H2A.Z.1 H2A.Z.1 H2afz P0C0S5 [115, 116]
H2A.Z.2 H2A.Z.2.s1 H2afv Q71UI9-1 [116]
H2A.Z.2.s2 H2afv Q71UI9-2 [65]
H2A.Z.2.s3 (putative spliced isoform) H2afv Q71UI9-4 [65]
H2A.Z.2.s4 (putative spliced isoform) H2afv Q71UI9-5 [65]
H2A.Z.2.s5 (putative spliced isoform) H2afv Q71UI9-3 [65]
H2A.Z.2.s6 (putative spliced isoform) H2afv C9J0D1 *
H2A.Z.2.s7 (putative spliced isoform) H2afv C9J386 Short*
H2A.Z.2.s8 (putative spliced isoform) H2afv E5RJU1 Short*
macroH2A.1 macroH2A.1.s1 H2afy O75367 [117]
macroH2A.1.s2 H2afy O75367-2 [66]
macroH2A.1.s3 (putative spliced isoform) H2afy B4DJC3 *
macroH2A.1.s4 (putative spliced isoform) H2afy D6RCF2 ***
macroH2A.1.s5 (putative spliced isoform) H2afy O75367-3 *
macroH2A.2 macroH2A.2.s1 H2afy2 Q9P0M6 [96, 97]
macroH2A.2.s2 (putative spliced isoform) H2afy2 Q5SQT3 *
TS H2A.1 (TH2A) TS H2A.1 (TH2A) Hist1h2aa Q96QV6 [71]
H2A.B.1 H2A.B.1 H2afb1 P0C5Y9 [118, 119]
H2A.B.2 H2A.B.2 H2afb2 P0C5Z0 *
H2A.P H2A.P Hypm O75409 *
H2B Canonical H2B Canonical H2B gene: Hist1h2bb Hist1h2bb P33778 [41]
Canonical H2B genes: Hist1h2bc, Hist1h2be, Hist1h2bf, Hist1h2bg, Hist1h2bi Hist1h2bc P62807 [41]
Hist1h2be P62807 [41]
Hist1h2bf P62807 [41]
Hist1h2bg P62807 [41]
Hist1h2bi P62807 [41]
Canonical H2B gene: Hist1h2bd Hist1h2bd P58876 [41]
Canonical H2B gene: Hist1h2bh Hist1h2bh Q93079 [41]
Canonical H2B gene: Hist1h2bj Hist1h2bj P06899 [41]
Canonical H2B gene: Hist1h2bj (putative spliced isoform) Hist1h2bj U3KPT8 *
Canonical H2B gene: Hist1h2bk Hist1h2bk O60814 [41]
Canonical H2B gene: Hist1h2bl Hist1h2bl Q99880 [41]
Canonical H2B gene: Hist1h2bm Hist1h2bm Q99879 [41]
Canonical H2B gene: Hist1h2bn Hist1h2bn Q99877 [41]
Canonical H2B gene: Hist1h2bn (putative spliced isoform) Hist1h2bn U3KQK0 [41]
Canonical H2B gene: Hist1h2bo Hist1h2bo P23527 [41]
Canonical H2B gene: Hist2h2be Hist2h2be Q16778 [41]
Canonical H2B gene: Hist2h2bf (putative spliced isoform) Hist2h2bf Q5QNW6 *
Canonical H2B gene: Hist2h2bf (putative spliced isoform) Hist2h2bf Q5QNW6-2 *
Canonical H2B gene: Hist3h2bb Hist3h2bb Q8N257 [41]
H2B.S (putative variant) H2B.S (putative variant) H2bfs P57053 *
H2B.M (putative variant) H2B.M.s1 (putative variant) H2bfm P0C1H6 *
H2B.M.s2 (putative variant, putative spliced isoform) H2bfm A9UJN3 Short*
H2B.W H2B.W H2bfwt Q7Z2G1 [72, 120, 121]
TS H2B.1 (TH2B) TS H2B.1 (TH2B) Hist1h2ba Q96A08 [41, 71]
H3 Canonical H3.1 Canonical H3.1 genes: Hist1h3a, Hist1h3b, Hist1h3c, Hist1h3d, Hist1h3e, Hist1h3f, Hist1h3g, Hist1h3h, Hist1h3i, Hist1h3j Hist1h3a P68431 [41]
Hist1h3b P68431 [41]
Hist1h3c P68431 [41]
Hist1h3d P68431 [41]
Hist1h3e P68431 [41]
Hist1h3f P68431 [41]
Hist1h3g P68431 [41]
Hist1h3h P68431 [41]
Hist1h3i P68431 [41]
Hist1h3j P68431 [41]
Canonical H3.2 Canonical H3.2 genes: Hist2h3a, Hist2h3c, Hist2h3d Hist2h3a Q71DI3 [41]
Hist2h3c Q71DI3 [41]
Hist2h3d Q71DI3 [41]
Canonical H3.2 (pseudogene) Hist2h3ps2 Q5TEC6 *
H3.3 H3.3.s1 H3f3a P84243 [122, 123]
H3f3b P84243 [122, 123]
H3.3.s2 (putative spliced isoform) H3f3a B4DEB1 *
H3f3b B4DEB1 *
H3.3.s3 (putative spliced isoform) H3f3b K7EK07 *
H3.3.s4 (putative spliced isoform) H3f3b K7EMV3 *
H3.3.s5 (putative spliced isoform) H3f3b K7EP01 *
H3.3.s6 (putative spliced isoform) H3f3b K7ES00 *
H3.Y.1 H3.Y.1 H3.Y Translated from NG_012784.2 [44]
H3.Y.2 (H3.X) H3.Y.2 (H3.X) H3.X Translated from NG_023411.2 [44]
H3.5 H3.5 H3f3c Q6NXT2 [75]
cenH3-CENPA cenH3 - CENPA Cenpa P49450-1 [124]
cenH3.s1 (putative spliced isoform) Cenpa P49450-2 *
cenH3.s2 (putative spliced isoform) Cenpa F8WD88 Short**
TS H3.4 (H3t) TS H3.4 (H3t) Hist3h3 Q16695 [41]
H4 H4 H4 Hist1h4a P62805 [41]
Hist1h4b P62805 [41]
Hist1h4c P62805 [41]
Hist1h4d P62805 [41]
Hist1h4e P62805 [41]
Hist1h4f P62805 [41]
Hist1h4h P62805 [41]
Hist1h4i P62805 [41]
Hist1h4j P62805 [41]
Hist1h4k P62805 [41]
Hist1h4l P62805 [41]
Hist2h4a P62805 [41]
Hist2h4b P62805 [41]
Hist4h4 P62805 [41]
  1. Please refer to the Table 2 for legend. The corresponding FASTA file is presented as Additional file 2. Additional file 5 presents links to gene, transcripts and protein entries to Ensembl and UniProtKB databases