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Table 2 Manually curated list of mouse histones

From: MS_HistoneDB, a manually curated resource for proteomic analysis of human and mouse histones

Histone Protein name Entry name for MS analysis Gene name UniProtKB References
H1 H1.1 H1.1 Hist1h1a P43275 [41, 91]
  H1.2 H1.2 Hist1h1c P15864 [41, 92]
  H1.3 H1.3 Hist1h1d P43277 [41]
  H1.4 H1.4 Hist1h1e P43274 [41]
  H1.5 H1.5 Hist1h1b P43276 [41]
  H1.0 (H1°) H1.0 (H1°) H1f0 P10922 [93]
  TS H1.6 (H1T) TS H1.6 (H1T) Hist1h1t Q07133 [54]
  TS H1.7 (H1T2, HANP1) TS H1.7 (H1T2, HANP1) H1fnt Q8CJI4 [55, 56]
  OO H1.8 (H1oo) OO H1.8.s1 (H1oo) H1foo Q8VIK3 [59]
   OO H1.8.s2 H1foo Q8VIK3-2 [60]
   OO H1.8.s3 (putative spliced isoform) H1foo E0CZ52 *
   OO H1.8.s4 (putative spliced isoform) H1foo E0CYL2 Short**
   OO H1.8.s5 (putative spliced isoform) H1foo A0A0N4SV54 Short*
  TS H1.9 (HILS1) TS H1.9 (HILS1) Hils1 Q9QYL0 [57, 58]
  H1.10 H1.10 H1fx Q80ZM5 *
  H1.11 H1.11 gene: Gm6970 Gm6970 F7DCP6 *
H2A Canonical H2A Canonical H2A genes: Hist1h2ab, Hist1h2ac, Hist1h2ad, Hist1h2ae, Hist1h2ag, Hist1h2ai, Hist1h2an, Hist1h2ao, Hist1h2ap Hist1h2ab P22752 [41]
    Hist1h2ac P22752 [41]
    Hist1h2ad P22752 [41]
    Hist1h2ae P22752 [41]
    Hist1h2ag P22752 [41]
    Hist1h2ai P22752 [41]
    Hist1h2an P22752 [41]
    Hist1h2ao P22752 [41]
    Hist1h2ap P22752 [41]
   Canonical H2A gene: Hist1h2af Hist1h2af Q8CGP5 [41]
   Canonical H2A gene: Hist1h2ah Hist1h2ah Q8CGP6 [41]
   Canonical H2A gene: Hist1h2ak Hist1h2ak Q8CGP7 [41]
   Canonical H2A gene: Hist1h2al Hist1h2al F8WIX8 *
   Canonical H2A genes: Hist2h2aa1, Hist2h2aa2 Hist2h2aa1 Q6GSS7 [41]
    Hist2h2aa2 Q6GSS7 [41]
   Canonical H2A gene: Hist2h2ab Hist2h2ab Q64522 [41]
   Canonical H2A gene: Hist2h2ac Hist2h2ac Q64523 [41]
   Canonical H2A gene: Hist3h2a Hist3h2a Q8BFU2 [41]
  H2A.J (putative variant) H2A.J.s1 (putative variant) H2afj Q8R1M2 *
   H2A.J.s2 (putative variant, putative spliced isoform) H2afj A0A0N4SV66 *
  H2A.X H2A.X H2afx P27661 [61, 62, 94]
  H2A.Z.1 H2A.Z.1.s1 H2afz P0C0S6 [43]
   H2A.Z.1.s2 (putative spliced isoform) H2afz Q3UA95 *
   H2A.Z.1.s3 (putative spliced isoform) H2afz G3UWL7 Short*
   H2A.Z.1.s4 (putative spliced isoform) H2afz G3UX40 Short**
  H2A.Z.2 H2A.Z.2.s1 H2afv Q3THW5 [43]
   H2A.Z.2.s2 (putative spliced isoform) H2afv Q8R029 Short*
  Macro-H2A.1 Macro-H2A.1.s1 H2afy Q9QZQ8 [95]
   Macro-H2A.1.s2 H2afy Q9QZQ8-2 [45]
  Macro-H2A.2 Macro-H2A.2 H2afy2 Q8CCK0 [96, 97]
  Macro-H2A.3 Macro-H2A.3 (pseudogene) gene: H2afy3 H2afy3 Q9D3V6 ***
  TS H2A.1 TS H2A.1 (TH2A) Hist1h2aa Q8CGP4 [41]
  H2A.L.1 (H2A.Lap2) H2A.L.1 (H2A.Lap2) genes: H2al1a, GH2al1c,H2al1d, H2al1f,H2al1g, H2al1h,H2al1i H2al1a Q5M8Q2 [38, 39]
    H2al1c Q5M8Q2 [38, 39]
    H2al1d Q5M8Q2 [38, 39]
    H2al1f Q5M8Q2 [38, 39]
    H2al1g Q5M8Q2 [38, 39]
    H2al1h Q5M8Q2 [38, 39]
    H2al1i Q5M8Q2 [38, 39]
   H2A.L.1 gene: H2al1b H2al1b A0A087WP11 *
   H2A.L.1 gene: H2al1e H2al1e Q810S6 *
   H2A.L.1 gene: H2al1j H2al1j A2BFR3 *
   H2A.L.1 gene: H2al1k H2al1k J3QP08 *
   H2A.L.1 gene: H2al1m H2al1m Q9DAD9 *
   H2A.L.1 gene: H2al1n H2al1n Q497L1 *
   H2A.L.1 gene: H2al1o H2al1o L7MU04 *
  H2A.L.2 (H2A.Lap3, H2A.B.1) H2A.L.2 (H2A.Lap3, H2A.B.1) gene: H2afb1 H2afb1 Q9CQ70 [38, 39]
  Y-chr H2A.L.3 Y-chr H2A.L.3 genes: H2al2b, H2al2c H2al2b A9Z055 [98]
    H2al2c A9Z055 [98]
  H2A.P (H2A.L3, H2A.Lap4) H2A.P (H2A.L3, H2A.Lap4) gene: Hypm Hypm Q9CR04 [38, 39]
  H2A.B.2 H2A.B.2 gene: H2afb2 H2afb2 S4R1M3 [40, 99]
  H2A.B.3 H2A.B.3 gene: H2afb3 H2afb3 S4R1G7 [40, 99]
   H2A.B.3 (H2A.Lap1) gene: Gm14920 Gm14920 S4R1E0 [39, 40, 99]
H2B Canonical H2B Canonical H2B gene: Hist1h2bb Hist1h2bb Q64475 [41]
   Canonical H2B genes: Hist1h2bc, Hist1h2be, Hist1h2bg Hist1h2bc Q6ZWY9 [41]
    Hist1h2be Q6ZWY9 [41]
    Hist1h2bg Q6ZWY9 [41]
   Canonical H2B genes: Hist1h2bf, Hist1h2bj, Hist1h2bl, Hist1h2bn, Hist1h2bq, Hist1h2br Hist1h2bf P10853 [41]
    Hist1h2bj P10853 [41]
    Hist1h2bl P10853 [41]
    Hist1h2bn P10853 [41]
    Hist1h2bq P10853 [41]
    Hist1h2br P10853 [41]
   Canonical H2B genes: Hist1h2bq, Hist1h2br (putative spliced isoform) Hist1h2bq Q8CBB6 *
    Hist1h2br Q8CBB6 *
   Canonical H2B gene: Hist1h2bh Hist1h2bh Q64478 [41]
   Canonical H2B gene: Hist1h2bk Hist1h2bk Q8CGP1 [41]
   Canonical H2B gene: Hist1h2bm Hist1h2bm P10854 [41]
   Canonical H2B gene: Hist1h2bp Spliced isoform 1 (main) Hist1h2bp Q8CGP2 [41]
   Canonical H2B gene: hist1h2bp (putative spliced isoform) Hist1h2bp Q8CGP2-2 [41]
   Canonical H2B gene: Hist2h2bb Hist2h2bb Q64525 [41]
   Canonical H2B gene: Hist2h2be Hist2h2be Q64524 [41]
   Canonical H2B gene: Hist3h2ba Hist3h2ba Q9D2U9 [41]
   Canonical H2B gene: Hist3h2bb Hist3h2bb Q8CGP0 *
  TS H2B.1 (TH2B) TS H2B.1 (TH2B) Hist1h2ba P70696 [41, 79]
  subH2B (H2BL.1) subH2B (H2BL.1) 1700024p04rik Q9D9Z7 [38, 100]
  H2B.L.2 H2B.L.2 H2bfm Q9DAB5 [38]
H3 Canonical H3.1 Canonical H3.1 Hist1h3a P68433 [41]
    Hist1h3g P68433 [41]
    Hist1h3h P68433 [41]
    Hist1h3i P68433 [41]
  Canonical H3.2 Canonical H3.2 Hist1h3b P84228 [41]
    Hist1h3c P84228 [41]
    Hist1h3d P84228 [41]
    Hist1h3e P84228 [41]
    Hist1h3f P84228 [41]
    Hist2h3b P84228 [41]
    Hist2h3c1 P84228 [41]
    Hist2h3c2 P84228 [41]
  H3.3 H3.3 genes: H3f3a, H3f3b H3f3a P84244 [101, 102]
    H3f3b P84244 [101, 102]
   H3.3 gene: Gm6421 Gm6421 EDL18362.1 [103]
   H3.3 gene: Gm10257 Gm10257 XP_003084990.1 [103]
  cenH3-CENPA cenH3-CENPA.s1 Cenpa O35216 [104]
   cenH3-CENPA.s2 (putative spliced isoform) Cenpa D6RCV6 Short**
   cenH3-CENPA.s3 (putative spliced isoform) Cenpa D6RJ71 **
   cenH3-CENPA.s4 (putative spliced isoform) Cenpa A0A0G2JEV0 *
   cenH3-CENPA.s5 (putative spliced isoform) Cenpa A0A0G2JGI2 *
   cenH3-CENPA.s6 (putative spliced isoform) Cenpa A0A0G2JEV2 **
  H3.5 H3.5 H3f3c P02301 ***
  TS H3.4 (H3T) TS H3.4 (H3T) Gm12260 NP_001304932.1 [74]
H4 H4 H4 Hist1h4a P62806 [41, 105]
    Hist1h4b P62806 [41, 105]
    Hist1h4c P62806 [41, 105]
    Hist1h4d P62806 [41, 105]
    Hist1h4f P62806 [41, 105]
    Hist1h4h P62806 [41, 105]
    Hist1h4i P62806 [41, 105]
    Hist1h4j P62806 [41, 105]
    Hist1h4k P62806 [41, 105]
    Hist1h4m P62806 [41, 105]
    Hist1h4n P62806 [41, 105]
    Hist2h4 P62806 [41, 105]
    Hist4h4 P62806 [41, 105]
  1. Their protein names have been adapted to improve their identification and analysis by mass spectrometry. Indeed, the column “Entry name for MS analysis” represents the information present in the FASTA file (Additional file 1) used as a database to identify peptides and proteins after an MS analysis. The last column indicates studies on histones that described evidence of transcript and/or protein existence. For the sake of completeness, histone entries lacking a related publication were retained and the classification currently proposed by the Ensembl database was specified, as follows
  2. * “Protein coding”, genes and/or transcript that contains an open reading frame (ORF)
  3. ** “Nonsense mediated decay”, transcript is thought to undergo nonsense mediated decay
  4. *** “Pseudogene”, genes containing frameshift and/or stop codon(s) that disrupt the ORF
  5. The term “Short” indicates that the putative protein is significantly smaller than conventional histones; its incorporation into chromatin and its biological function is then doubtful. Additional file 4 presents links to gene, transcripts and protein entries to Ensembl and UniProtKB databases