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Table 3 Sensitivity and specificity data for histone modifications associated with open chromatin

From: Systematic comparison of monoclonal versus polyclonal antibodies for mapping histone modifications by ChIP-seq

  Specificity Sensitivity
Mono (%) Poly (%) Mono (%) Poly (%)
H3K27ac 89 85 68 69
H3K4me1 38 36 54 59
H3K4me3 91 90 86 87
  1. Sensitivity and specificity of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies. Specificity is calculated as the percentage of the genomic bases that are identified as peaks that are within the expected canonical genomic region, as annotated by ENCODE. Sensitivity is calculated at the percentage of bases within the expected genomic region that are identified as being within peaks. Only genomic bases annotated in the ENCODE segmentation tracks for K562 are included in this calculation