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Table 1 Performance of different utilities of EpiMINE in generating results mentioned in this manuscript along with number of files processed

From: EpiMINE, a computational program for mining epigenomic data

Mac Book laptop—Mac OS 10.11—4 GB RAM
Figure Utility Real User Sys Number of bam files processed Number of bed files processed
1A ENRICH 3m4.420s 1m40.539s 0m8.173s   51
1B, C CoREG 2m16.439s 1m7.569s 0m3.969s   51
1D, E MCOR 74m41.883s 69m40.924s 2m19.813s 27 1
2A, B QIRI 26m27.703s 23m25.298s 0m47.114s 12 2
2C, D QARI 240m28.371s 182m38.537s 39m15.460s 8 1
3A PMS 287m16.025s 240m14.324s 22m8.330s 2 4
3B PMS 125m56.986s 119m0.587s 4m43.368s 2 4
3F PMS 62m1.064s 45m49.599s 9m50.006s 5 1
4A, B, C TDIFF 4m14.759s 3m8.678s 0m3.862s 2 1
4D, E MDIFF 37m15.644s 35m2.737s 0m50.188s 36 1
5A ABRI 8m11.794s 6m5.741s 0m7.175s   51
5C VarSEL 143m28.846s 143m28.846s 3m25.513s 49 2
5D CLASS 29m0.011s 26m41.527s 0m44.029s 14 2