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Fig. 5 | Epigenetics & Chromatin

Fig. 5

From: Genome-wide redistribution of MeCP2 in dorsal root ganglia after peripheral nerve injury

Fig. 5

miR-126 regulates expression of Dnmt1 and Vegfa in vitro. a Relative expression of endogenous Dnmt1 and Vegfa mRNA in Neuro 2a cells transfected with miR-126 Gapdh was used as a normalizer. b Representative Western blot of Dnmt1 and Vegfa using lysate of Neuro 2a cells transfected with miR-126 precursor plasmid for 72 h. Overexpression of miR-126 decreased mRNA and protein levels of Dnmt1 and Vegfa; beta tubulin was used as the control. c Immunohistochemistry indicating transfection with miR-126 plasmid co-expressing GFP in Neuro 2a cells decreased Dnmt1 levels compared to untransfected cells 72 h post-transfection. Significance determined using unpaired Student’s t test, p value *<0.05, ***<0.001 (n = 3 for all samples)

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