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Fig. 3

From: Application of recombinant TAF3 PHD domain instead of anti-H3K4me3 antibody

Fig. 3

CIDOP-seq and ChIP-seq carried out with TAF3 PHD and anti-H3K4me3 antibody. a Spearman’s correlation coefficient in 1-kb bins genome-wide (upper heatmap) or Pearson’s correlation coefficient between CIDOP-seq and ChIP-seq signals within promoters (middle heatmap) and within CpG islands (lower heatmap). b Clustering analysis of tag densities from TAF3 PHD and anti-H3K4me3 datasets. Tags were collected in 6-kb windows, centered on the midpoints of anti-H3K4me3 exp1 peaks (which was the experiment with the highest number of detected peaks) and sorted by k-means clustering (ten clusters). c Composite profiles of TAF3 PHD and anti-H3K4me3 antibody distribution over metagenes fitted in 5-kb gene bodies and 1-kb flanks from the TSS/TTS. d Distribution of CIDOP-seq and ChIP-seq peaks among different genomic elements

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