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Table 2 Sources of eQTL databases

From: Making sense of GWAS: using epigenomics and genome engineering to understand the functional relevance of SNPs in non-coding regions of the human genome

Tool Features URL PMID
NCBI eQTL browser cis‐eQTL from liver, lymphoblastoid, brain  
seeQTL browser for cis‐eQTL, and trans-eQTL from lymphoblastoid, brain, monocyte 22171328
Chicago eQTL QTL (eQTL, dsQTL, trQTL, exonQTL) from lymphoblastoid, brain, liver, fibroblast, T‐cells‐bin/gbrowse/eqtl/  
GTEx Portal >60 tissues eQTL data and eQTL IGV browser 25954001
GeneVar >5 tissues eQTL, meQTL data and visualization 20702402
Blood eQTL Blood cis- and trans-eQTLs 24013639
Geuvadis QTL (eQTL,mirQTL, trQTL) from lymphoblastoid
cell lines‐das/ 24037378
  1. mirQTL miRNA QTL, trQTL transcript ratio QTL, dsQTL Dnase I sensitivity QTL