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Table 2 Polymorphic variants in the A vy colony that are shared by littermates

From: Genetic and epigenetic variation among inbred mouse littermates: identification of inter-individual differentially methylated regions

  Both mice heterozygous Both mice homozygous
Intergenic 734 2926
Intronic 345 1891
Exonic 21 49
 Non-synonymous (12) (19)
 Synonymous (7) (30)
Splice junction 0 9
Upstream (<2 kb) 7 79
Downstream (<2 kb) 11 65
UTR 12 36
Total 1130 5055
  1. Distribution of variant calls against C57BL/6J for which the A vy littermates have the same zygosity. The genetic differences between C57BL/6J and the two sequenced mice are divided relative to their genic positions. Exonic mutations have been subdivided into those that are synonymous and those that are not