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Fig. 4

From: RNA:DNA hybrids in the human genome have distinctive nucleotide characteristics, chromatin composition, and transcriptional relationships

Fig. 4

Nucleotide skewing analyses. In panel a we plot the skewing within a strand of A compared to T (x axis) or G compared to C (y axis) in the RNA:DNA hybrid peaks genome-wide. We find that the peaks are strongly over-represented for purine (G+A) and pyrimidine (C+T) skewing. As our sequencing approach allowed us to identify the RNA and DNA-derived strands separately in the RNA:DNA hybrid, in b we proceeded to test whether there was a relationship between skewing (based on the number of G+A divided by the total number of nucleotides) and each type of nucleic acid-derived sequence, finding a clear enrichment for purine skewing on the RNA-derived strand

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