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Fig. 6

From: Tip60 complex binds to active Pol II promoters and a subset of enhancers and co-regulates the c-Myc network in mouse embryonic stem cells

Fig. 6

Tip60 correlates with p300, H3K3me1 and DHS presence and with a subset of H3K27ac signals at ESC-specific enhancer sites. a Enhancers [41] were sorted for H3K27ac (GSM594578) signal intensities. Signals of Tip60 (GSE69671), p300 (GSM723018), H3K27ac (GSM594578), H3K4me1 (GSM594577), H3K27me3 (GSM307619) and DHS (GSM1014154) were calculated around enhancer mid points. The colour scale bars under each data set in a reflects the read densities between 1 and 20 of the given dataset. The number of reads of each data set is indicted in the colour scale bars in millions (m) of reads. b, c Enhancers were divided into four categories having equal number of genes based on their H3K27ac signal intensity from high to low (I–IV) as indicated on the right of the panels. Graphs show Tip60 enrichment (b) or DHS signals (c) around enhancer mid points of the different categories. (d) GO term category analysis by Manteia [62] of the closest genes to the Tip60 positive enhancers [41] identified by k-means clustering

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