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Fig. 1

From: Tip60 complex binds to active Pol II promoters and a subset of enhancers and co-regulates the c-Myc network in mouse embryonic stem cells

Fig. 1

Tip60 binds to promoters as a complex in mESCs. a Gel filtration of mESC nuclear extracts. Every second fraction eluted from a Superose 6 column was analysed for the presence of Tip60, together with Tip49 and Baf53α by Western Blot. Native molecular weight markers eluting in the corresponding fractions are indicated on the top of the panel. b ChIP-qPCR validation of the ChIP-seq data in mESCs using purified anti-Tip60 antibodies [20] and a negative control IgG antibody. Primers were designed at randomly selected MACS14 peaks with different tag densities (t), as indicated. An intergenic region (IR) without Tip60 binding was selected as an additional negative control. The graph represents the results obtained in two biological replicates (with three technical qPCR replicates each). Standard deviations are indicated. ce Tip60 binding profiles (GSE69671) together with DNAse I hypersensitive sites (DHS) (GSM1014154), H3K4me3 (GSM307618) and Pol II (GSM307623) binding are shown at three selected genes (Rps9, Nodal and Cdkn1a) as demonstrated by the UCSC genome browser. The input (GSM798320) serves as control

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