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Table 2 Characterization of histone H3 variants incorporated into chromatin

From: Tissue-specific expression of histone H3 variants diversified after species separation

H3 variant AA alternation (from) Motif 87–90 Edit distance [nt] (from) mRNA/protein Chromatin incorporable Tissue specificity Expression pattern Distribution pattern
H3.1 S96C (H3.2) SAVM Yes D1/2 Global
H3t A24V, R42H, A98S (H3.1) SAVM 52 (Hist1h3a) Protein Yes Testis D1/2 Global
H3.2 C96S (H3.1) SAVM 10 (Hist1h3a) Yes D1/2 Global
H3.3 A31S, S87A, V89I, M90G (H3.2) AAIG Yes D3 Local
H3mm6 #11 (H3.3) AAIG 15 (H3f3a) None No
H3mm7 T32I, S57A (H3.3) AAIG 3 (H3f3a) Protein Yes SKMa, testis D3 Local
H3mm8 #23 (H3.3) AAIG 68 (H3f3b) mRNA No
H3mm9 #51 (H3.3) AAIG 102 (H3f3a) None No
H3mm10 #23 (H3.3) AVIG 32 (H3f3a) mRNA No
H3mm11 R2L, A25T (H3.3) AAIG 4 (H3f3a) None Yes D3 Local
H3mm12 K14N, A15S, E97G, Y99F (H3.3) AAIG 6 (H3f3a) None Yes D1/2 Local
H3mm13 A29V, R69G, R131C (H3.3) AAIG 4 (H3f3a) mRNA Yes D1/2 Local
H3mm14 #37 (H3.3) AAIG 89 (H3f3a) mRNA No
H3mm15 L100Q, I112V, R128C (H3.3) AAIG 5 (H3f3a) mRNA No
H3mm16 R8H, Q19K, R128C, G132R (H3.3) AAIG 7 (H3f3a) None Yes D1/2 Local
H3mm17 #16 (H3.3) SAIG 24 (H3f3a) mRNA No
H3mm18 #12 (H3.3) AAIG 17 (H3f3a) None No
  1. aSkeletal muscle