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Table 1 Genomic locations of novel H3 variants

From: Tissue-specific expression of histone H3 variants diversified after species separation

Prediction ID H3 variant name Provisional gene name Most similar protein Locus (strand) 3’-end structure
H3:00003 H3mm8 Gm8029 histone H3.3 chr1:180229526-180230057 (+) Poly-A
H3:00007 H3mm11 H3f3c PREDICTED: histone H3.3-like chr2:119491361-119491763 (−) Poly-A
H3:00014 H3mm12 Gm12657 predicted gene 12657 chr4:94266075-94266486 (+) Poly-A
H3:00033 H3mm10 Gm3835 histone H3.3 chr8:74953426-74953822 (−) Poly-A
H3:00036 H3t Gm12260 histone H3.1 chr11:58775313-58775724 (+) Stem-loop
H3:00037 H3mm17 Gm12271 PREDICTED: histone H3.3-like chr11:61229903-61230317 (−) Poly-A
H3:00061 H3mm18 Gm6132 histone H3.3 chr13:70146081-70146492 (−) (Not detected)
H3:00063 H3mm13 Gm10257 PREDICTED: histone H3.3-like chr13:101716359-101716770 (−) Poly-A
H3:00064 H3mm14 Gm4938 PREDICTED: histone H3.3-like chr13:105708858-105709338(+) Poly-A
H3:00065 H3mm7 Gm6421 histone H3.3 chr13:118147018-118147429 (−) Poly-A
H3:00066 H3mm6 Gm6128 histone H3.3 chr14:21675232-21675643 (−) Poly-A
H3:00074 H3mm15 H3f3a-ps2 histone H3.3 chr16:91114433-91114844 (−) Poly-A
H3:00078 H3mm9 Gm14529 PREDICTED: histone H3.3-like chrX:19916425-19916905 (+) Poly-A
H3:00085 H3mm16 H3f3a-ps1 histone H3.3 chrX:99019853-99020264 (+) Poly-A