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Table 2 All ENCODE Tier1 cell line data used in this study [8]

From: Modelling the conditional regulatory activity of methylated and bivalent promoters

Data type Data source
RNA-seq GSM958730 (GM12878, 2 replicates)
GSM958737 (H1-hESC, 2 replicates)
GSM958731 (K562, 2 replicates)
TSS Ensembl hg19/GRCh37 [44]
Methyl RRBS (GM12878) GSM683906 (replicate 1)
GSM683927 (replicate 2)
ChIP-seq (GM12878) GSM733767 (H2A.Z)
GSM733758 (H3K27me3)
GSM733708 (H3K4me3)
GSM733664 (H3K9me3)
Methyl RRBS (H1-hESC) GSM683770 (replicate 1)
GSM683879 (replicate 2)
ChIP-seq (H1-hESC) GSM1003579 (H2A.Z)
GSM733748 (H3K27me3)
GSM733657 (H3K4me3)
GSM1003585 (H3K9me3)
Methyl RRBS (K562) GSM683856 (replicate 1)
GSM683780 (replicate 2)
ChIP-seq (K562) GSM733786 (H2A.Z)
GSM733658 (H3K27me3)
GSM733680 (H3K4me3)
GSM733776 (H3K9me3)