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Table 7 CENP-A is enriched at the 8q24/ Myc locus in tumor-derived SW480 cells and in human tumors

From: CENP-A nucleosomes localize to transcription factor hotspots and subtelomeric sites in human cancer cells

  Cell line/tumor Probe Cells with co-localization a (%) Cells counted (N)
Cell Line HeLa Myc 5 20
Cell Line SW480 Myc 66 32
Cell Line Normal Colon 8q24 1 100
Cell Line HeLa 8q24 8 100
Cell Line SW480 8q24 38 100
Tissue Normal 8q24 0 30
Tissue Tumor 1 8q24 32.9 82
Tissue Tumor2 8q24 36.5 85
Tissue Tumor 3 8q24 42.9 49
Tissue Tumor 4 8q24 78.4 88
  1. aQuantification of CENP-A and 8q24/Myc co-localization in cancer cells and tumors after co-immunofluorescence demonstrates that a statistically significant enrichment of CENP-A occurs on one of the translocated 8q24/Myc loci. White spots denoting co-localization were detected using Image J’s automated co-localization algorithm.