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Table 5 Ectopic CENP-A is enriched at DNase I hypersensitive (DHS) sites and transcription factor binding sites

From: CENP-A nucleosomes localize to transcription factor hotspots and subtelomeric sites in human cancer cells

CENP-A hotspots a Normal colon % HeLa % SW480 %
DNase clusters b 273 60.80 247 26.22 1292 45.44
Txn Factor ChIP c 285 63.47 255 27.07 1361 47.87
  1. Comparative analysis of aCENP-A hotspots derived from normal colon, HeLa and SW480 cells compared to ENCODE data aggregates reveal a significant fraction of sites overlap with ENCODE bDNase I clusters and ctranscription factor binding sites in the genome. Each column shows overlap in terms of number of sites or % of total CENP-A sites.