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Table 2 New histone variant nomenclature

From: Differential expression of histone H3 genes and selective association of the variant H3.7 with a specific sequence class in Stylonychia macronuclear development

Old New Note/GenBank accession
H3v1 H3.5 KJ159079
H3v2/7/9 H3.2 Possibly three paralogs encoding two protein variants: H3.2a/b; KJ159075, KJ159076
H3v3 H3.1 KJ159074
H3v4 H3.4 KJ159078
H3v5 H3.3 Based on phylogenetic position with regard to animal H3.3; KJ159077
H3v6 Does not exist Not applicable
H3v8 H3.6 KJ159080
H3v10 H3.7 KJ159081
mdp64 H3.8 Putative protein X; KJ159082