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Table 1 Numbers of differentially methylated CG sites (DMPs) identified during ex vivo dendritic differentiation and maturation

From: DNA methylation dynamics during ex vivo differentiation and maturation of human dendritic cells

Comparisons (G1 versus G2) Numbers of DMPsa Locations of DMPs relative to CpG islands (%) Enhancer associatede Promoter associatedf Gene associatedg
G1 > G2 G1 < G2 Islands Shoresb Shelfc >4 kbd
CD14+ versus immature dendritic cell (iDC) 1368 240 5.9 23.5 16.1 54.5 701 139 933
iDC versus mature dendritic cell (mDC) 139 17 3.3 18.2 14.9 63.6 80 9 116
  1. aP value cutoff of 0.05, difference change of 10% in DNA methylation was used to calculate the number of DMPs (see Methods).
  2. bShores were defined for this table as 2 kb from an island (N and S island).
  3. cShelves were defined for this table as 2 kb-4 kb away from an island (N and S shore).
  4. dRegions over 4 kb from an island.
  5. e, f, gBased on HumanMethylation450 v1.2 Manifest File (