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Figure 5 | Epigenetics & Chromatin

Figure 5

From: DNA methylation reader MECP2: cell type- and differentiation stage-specific protein distribution

Figure 5

Comparison of MECP2 staining in selected mouse and rat tissues. Nuclei of striated muscle cells (A, cardiomyocytes; B, skeletal myotubes), smooth muscles (C, empty arrows in duodenum), and fibroblasts of dermal papilla (D, solid arrows) have strong MECP2 signal in both species. Similarly, gastrodermal epithelial cells (empty arrowheads) and matrix keratinocytes (solid arrowheads) lack MECP2 in both species. Single confocal sections. Scale bars: (A) 5 μm, (B, D) 10 μm, (C) 25 μm.

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