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Figure 5

From: Additional annotation enhances potential for biologically-relevant analysis of the Illumina Infinium HumanMethylation450 BeadChip array

Figure 5

Illustration of gene feature annotation. Based on the overlap of three gene components (first exon vs exon vs intron) with three gene regions (5’UTR vs body vs 3’UTR) probes were annotated into the following nine gene feature groups: 1) 5’UTR first exons, 2) 5’UTR exons, 3) 5’UTR introns, 4) body first exons, 5) body exons, 6) body introns, 7) 3’UTR first exons, 8) 3’UTR exons and 9) 3’UTR introns (corresponding to numbers below transcripts). A given probe could be annotated with more than one gene feature, as illustrated by the multiple transcripts (A to E) of a fictional gene. Probe i would be annotated as 5’UTR exon, 5’UTR first exon and 5’UTR intron; probe ii would be annotated as body exon, 5’UTR intron, body intron, body first exon; and probe iii would be annotated as 3’UTR exon, 3’UTR intron, 3’UTR exon, 3’UTR exon and 3’UTR first exon. White boxes represent untranslated exons, grey boxes represent translated exons. 5’UTR, 5’ untranslated region; 3’UTR, 3’ untranslated region.

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